In the struggle to reach the summit of Stok Kangri (6153 m),  when breathing thin air and feeling that every step is a burden, then it’s impressive what motivation and power one can find in a few words painted on a grey rock along the path

Taj Mahal seen in the first rays of sunlight in the morning. We drove 8 hours down from Dehli to see the wonder of Agra. The following morning we stood up at 5 in the morning to see the Taj Mahal during sunrise. 

Andreas og mitt telt i basecamp på 5000 meter. Her var vi tre dager.

Incredible hard, but made it to Stok Kangri at 6150 masl. and down after 9 days out there. Flying to dehli tomorrow, and then back home

Andreas and I taking part in a Bhudist cermony at 5400 metres altitude. This is the last tweet from me for a while as we start climbing Stok Kangri tomorrow.

Avklimatiseringstur i dag til Victory Peak og Tsemo Gompa 3700 moh

Leh, Himalaya. Endelig på plass etter 4 flyturer. Her er Ingen mobildekning. En supertreig internettkafé er eneste måte å få kontakt ut #Himalaya

Under the Ice

This is a photo from a summer we spent 4 days training on glaciers. This from Bødalsbreen  a side arm of Jostalsbreen glacier  where we found this beautiful ice cave. These caves are formed by running water and can be very impressive. However they can also be deadly traps, and one should be very careful entering a cave like this. They can collapse since a glacier is always on the move, or they can in a few seconds be overflooded with water. 

Golf Umbrella. Nordhaug Golf Club outside Oslo

This is not Mars or some other exotic planet. It’s good old earth. More precisely it’s Seltun on Iceland. A volcanic area in the Reykjanes penisuela.