View from dock in Brooklyn
Manhattan on Flickr.View from Rockefeller Center in the Afternoon. I was not the only one thinking that seeing the sunset from the Rock was a good idea. I had knock off a a few people to get my camera set up
Morning at the Lake on Flickr.I don’t mind getting up early when I can work with scenaries like this. I took this a forthnight ago.
Oslo sealine on Flickr.Shot tonight. I had to go drive down to the train station tonight, so I brought the camera a long. The Oslo Opera house was close, and it’s located on beautiful sealine
Oslo hills on Flickr.Another photo from the Hills of Oslo. I was sent out do buy gas to the soda stream machine when I decided to take an extra drive up to Grefsenkollen, a forest hill with great view.
It’s something that really never happens. But this weekend there has been a lot of activity on the sun, that gave us this Northern Light in Southern Norway this weekend. Great experience
Topptur til Bakkanosi on Flickr.Perfect reflections. Photo I took this weekend of a mountain water in Western Norway
Beautiful morning #Aurlandsdalen #Norway
The autumn is always grey and rainy in Steinkvansdalen. A place in Western Norway.  It used to be a settlement here before. Life must have been hard for those living there. The winters were long and hard, and it was a long way to other people.
I have been out tonight taking these photos in Oslo, NorwayI have been out tonight taking these photos in Oslo, Norway
New York on Flickr.Typicall New York Street scene I captured in june

"What’s the most important thing your mother has taught you?" “If you buy food, you should always eat it with someone else.”
(Kampala, Uganda)

Wisely said
Broadway through Soho on Manhattan. The most scenic street in NYC if you ask me. What I tried to express with the photo is how big the city are and how little and insignificant you are in it, illustrated with the single yellow taxi against the BW surroundings. 
Kiosk in a closet on Flickr.On a trek to the small Ladakhi Village Chilling along a dusty path through a steep valley with no roads we came across this lovely lade running a “parachute” kiosk in middle of nowhere. However the location is probably well thought trough, as it turned up just when I started dreaming about a coca cola and snack to eat.
The kiosk is nothing more than a closet, and in it she had biscuits, misshaped (meltet) chocolates, and lukewarm cokes.
I bought a cola. It costed 55 Rupi (Prices rice the further into the mountains you go). I have no clue why set the price to be 55 and not 60, as I thought that could be a problem giving change out there. Obviously she had the solution. I didn’t get any money back when I gave her 60 rupi. Instead I got 5 chewing gums.